Creating the Sound


As a Nightclub, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to stay in front of your audience to not only bring in new business, but keep people coming back. Advertisements, radio spots, and print media can get expensive. When most of your day is consumed with hiring new staff, entertainment, dealing with local promoters, permits, licenses and re­orders for food and liquor ­ it can get difficult to make time for marketing efforts.  

Generating and maintaining a buzz and interest as a club is critical to your success. It takes a tremendous amount of attention to create a brand that resonates with consumers. If you’re lucky enough to succeed, then your next goal becomes finding ways to stay relevant by keeping your fingers on the pulse of what people want in the face of a very saturated Nightclub market.

iVRTours can help you seamlessly market your club and eliminate the hassle of recurring marketing expenses ­ as well as provide you with a superior competitive advantage ­ with cutting edge walkthrough style Nightclub Virtual Tours, Aerial Photography Services, and HDR Venue Photography.

Knowing Your Concept

Our Nightclub 3D Virtual Tours have the ability to link popular songs that fit the theme of your bar or /nightclub, quickly engaging your potential guest. Visual and auditory media online is just as effective as a good band or DJ pulling people in from the streets. Creating an atmosphere for your Nightclub allows you to reach out to a particular target demographic. Smooth jazz for an upscale piano bar, or thundering bass of electronic music in a trendy nightclub immediately creates a noticeable vibe that will attract the guest your Nightclub is seeking.

Nightclubs come in a range of styles, from a subdued lounge to a high­ energy club and everything in between. Walk­through style Nightclub Virtual Tours, Venue Photography and Aerial Photography Services enable you to showcase the visual elements that make your club so unique. From ballerinas hanging from the ceilings, to elevated go­-go dancer platforms and custom light shows, give your guest an immense online experience unlike any other that will have them eager and anxious to come to your Night club.


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